Assessing the impact of climate variability on Asian Rust severity and soybean yields in different Brazilian mega-regions

Autores: Fattori, I.M., Sentelhas, P.C.; Marin, F.R.

Periódico: International Journal of Plant Production

Assessing the performance of two gridded weather data for sugarcane crop simulations with a process-based model in Center-South Brazil

Autores: Dias, H.B.; Sentelhas, P.C.

Periódico: International Journal of Biometeorology

High-yielding sugarcane in tropical Brazil – Integrating field experimentation and modelling approach for assessing variety performances

Autores: Dias, H.B.; Inman-Bamber, G.; Sentelhas, P.C.; Everingham, Y.; Bermejo, R.; Christodoulou, D.

Periódico: Field Crops Research

On-farm assessment of eucalypt yield gaps — a case study for the producing areas of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Autores: Freitas, C.H.; Elli, E.F.; Sentelhas, P.C.

Periódico: International Journal of Biometeorology

Sugarcane yield future scenarios in Brazil as projected by the APSIM-Sugar model

Autores: Dias, H.B.; Sentelhas, P.C.; Inman-Bamber, G.; Everingham, Y.

Periódico: Industrial Crops and Products

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